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Getting Your Music Out There...

One of the most important things that any recording artist can do to promote their music, generate sales and make more contacts within the recording industry is create their own website. Having an effective online presence should be the priority number one for any recording artist because, their website will act as a “virtual calling card” that enables fans to listen, purchase and download their music 24 hours a day.

How Not To Waste Time Online

One of the most important things that any recording artist can do to insure that their music gets found online is hiring an SEO Services company. Every website needs SEO services because, proper SEO insures that a website will get found on page one of search results and not get buried below page one like the vast majority of other websites. You might also need a hosting company. Check out Hostgator coupons for great deals on a hosting service.

Take It to the Next Level

Once a recording artist has their website online the next step that they should take is promoting their websites on other recording artist’s blogs and websites. This can be as simple as leaving a comment about another recording artists music and best of all it will enable the website owner to generate relevant backlinks which will rise their ranking even higher with the search engines.


VPS Hosting: What, When and Ho...

host-3VPS Hosting refers to the practice of dividing a single physical server into any number of “virtual machines”, complete with their own operating systems. They are able to be managed separately, with one “renter” of a main server unable to access or manage the content of the other “tenants”. The only significant difference between a dedicated hosting server  host and a virtual server is the amount of memory that can be allocated to each of the virtual machines.

For All Creatures Great and Small

Virtual dedicated hosting is geared toward those who have either personal websites or blogs and to small businesses that can get by without (or don’t want to pay the higher costs for) dedicated server hosting. Even if someone is already using a dedicated server, or is handling the technical aspects on their own, they may want to explore the savings that come with VPS Hosting – never mind the convenience of having someone else manage your content, security, updates and statistics.

MORE ON HOSTING: URLJet’s Xenfro Hosting

Helping to Bridge the Gap

Obviously, the IBMs of the world have the capital and know-how to manage their own servers. Growing companies may end up having their own IT departments and servers, but VPS Hosting can provide them with a valuable bridge until such time as they need (or are able) to take that giant leap forward. The affordability of VPS Hosting can also allow them to allocate resources toward that end.
One thing is for certain: There is no shortage of VPS Hosting service providers, who are constantly reviewed by peers, clients and consumer watchdog groups, to choose from. Any questions an individual or business may have can be readily answered – from general information about the technology to specifics on a particular company’s services and performance. Like VPS Hosting itself, it’s all at your fingertips.

Pleasing the Music Lover in Yo...

Buying or exchanging gifts is one of the joys in life.  Many people have declared that giving a gift brings them great pleasure and that really rather give than receive gifts.  When we decide to give someone a gift most of us spend time looking for the perfect gift and trying to purchase something that the receiver can use and better yet enjoy.  There are so many wonderful ideas on the internet and in catalogs that narrowing your choice down to one item is sometimes difficult.  Do you choose a gift that someone would not buy for themselves?  What is your budget for the gift?  How much do you know about your targeted gift receiver?  What are their hobbies, favorite colors, things they treasure or collect, there are a multitude of questions to be answered.  It has been recognized that gifts that reflect some thought on the part of the giver are the most treasured and appreciated.


Choosing A Gift For A Music Lover

Is your music lover a musician, a listener or perhaps even a craftsman or maybe a combination of any of these? Your gift to a music lover should embody their passion, reflect their interest and capture their heart.  There are so many possibilities for gifts to music lovers, from buying an instrument, to novelty items, to concert tickets, you can find appropriate gifts to fit your budget.  Buying an instrument can be a costly purchase, but one that will last for a long time.  Arm yourself with knowledge of the products available and maybe even include your music lover in the selection process.  Novelty items are available in such a wide variety, from the low cost for keychains, posters and bookends to the very high priced collectors items.  Concert tickets make great gifts. Anyone who enjoys the heightened atmosphere of the concert environment would appreciate tickets to an upcoming event.


Certain Success

With the wide variety of gifts available for music lovers you are sure to end up with the “right” gift, perhaps one of many unique gifts.  From bedding sheets covered with musical notes, to musically inspired jewelry to home accent pieces reflecting the music lover’s musical interest, the choices are abundant.

Picking a Name From the Lyrics...

Are you trying to decide a name for your baby on the way?  You can use all types of things for inspiration.  Some use baby name sites.  Others use their genealogy.  And many prefer looking to popular culture to determine the best name for their baby.  If you are in the later group, you might try picking a name from the lyrics to your favorite song.


Your Own Meaning


One reason that music is a popular medium for baby name inspiration is because it adds more meaning to the name you choose.  Baby names moms who think often lack this unique aspect.  It’s easy to pick a name from a list.  However, it is more meaningful to select a name from a favorite song.  This way your child will have something that expresses you in their name.


The Right Song


When you are evaluating your favorite songs, make sure it is the right song.  Many parents make the mistake of choosing a name from a song that is inappropriate.  If you plan on telling your child where you got the name, you might feel a little uncomfortable if the song is “R” rated.  Instead, try to keep it more PG.  This way, you can let your child listen to the song when they are little.  In fact, you can even play it for your child when he or she is in the womb.




Finally, it is important to remember that many names from lyrics can sound cliché.  For this reason, try to pick a song that isn’t overly popular.  If it is a top 10 song, you run the risk of naming your child something too popular.  Don’t be surprised if others use the name as well.  Instead, try to select something unique.  Perhaps you could choose a name from your dad’s favorite song.  This way it is less popular and less cliché.


Start listening to your favorite songs today to determine the right name!

recent from category one Improving Your Personal Music Library

What is the beauty of getting your music through YouTube with the use of your YouTube downloader? You get videos as well! Who wants to just listen to Beyonce when you can watch her at the same time? Did it just get really hot in here?

Amateurs Allowed

In case you haven’t been watching television lately, many YouTube videos involving amateur singers or bands have not only gone viral but the subjects of the videos have actually been invited up on stage for shows such as America’s Got Talent and Ellen. Some have even gone on to fame far beyond a viral video. If you want people to hear your band, if you want people to know you’ve got a great voice, if you want people to see some unusual act that you’re sure no one else can do quite the way that you can do it; YouTube is your chance to get noticed and an infinite resource for surprising talent. This means that you can not only include famous singers that have already made a name for themselves in your music library you can also include newcomers and yet to be discovered acts and singers.

Music, Videos, Television And More

Not only are music videos and just plain music available on YouTube, you can also find snippets of your favorite HBO and Show Time specials and series; clips of other television programs; and even movies and video game trailers as well. This website seems to be a never ending plethora of entertainment, education and fun. With a variety as wide as the Internet itself; how could anyone go wrong?

YouTube even offers the opportunity to watch many of their videos in high definition. Don’t miss out on the fun and by all means don’t miss out on what everybody’s talking about these days. If you want to catch the latest viral video, now you know where to go.

recent from category two Give the Gift of Music (and Taste!)

Used to be that if you liked someone you made them a tape. You know like in cassette. You threw songs on there that meant something to you or to them or to the both of you. Now it’s CDs. Whether it’s a birthday present or one of this year’s Christmas gift ideas, making a CD for someone is means making something that they can have with them everywhere they go.


There’s No Accounting For Taste


Hopefully you don’t have poor taste in music if you’re going to be making CDs for people. That or make yourself entirely familiar with the music that they love and throw that on a CD. There’s nothing like a CD with favorite songs by different artists. You can throw that puppy into your CD player and hear all of the best by the best without even having to reach down and change the CD. You’ve got to love that. Particularly when you’re driving it’s nice not to have to change CDs whenever you want to hear another artist. When you think about it it’s even a safer way to go when you’re driving. All your attention can be concentrated on your driving instead of pulling out the CD that’s played, looking for its case, rummaging around for the next CD, opening it and inserting it in the player…ugh, it’s exhausting—not to mention distracting.


If Making Music Isn’t Your Deal


There are endless possibilities for homemade/do-it-yourself Christmas presents. Here are a couple of suggestions: Memory jar-contains pictures and mementos of your history with the recipient through the years (particularly nice for grandparents from the grandkids); if your recipient is into candles you can give the term ‘tea lights’ a whole new meaning (you’re going to need some pretty specific supplies from the craft shop involving maybe a light scent or several, candle wicks, candle wax and a way to melt it safely). Buy an old/pretty/antique looking teacup and saucer from a 2nd hand shop or rummage sale then pour melted wax, scent and place wick in the teacup. Add another color or more of the same color as wax hardens and settles.


Very nice and truly one of a kind.

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